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born in Ferrara the seventh of April 1962.
Current position: Full professor of Operations Research
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione - Politecnico di Milano, Piazza L. da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Tel 02 2399 3460 fax 02 2399 3412
e-mail: malucell@elet.polimi.it.
home page: http://www.elet.polimi.it/Users/DEI/Sections/Automation/Federico.Ma lucelli/index.html

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The research activities has been developing in the area of combinatorial optimization caring in particular the methodological and algorithmic aspects as well as the application and modeling aspects. The main investigated application fields are those related with transportation and telecommunication problems.

Graph and matrices bandwidth reduction
This general problem has many implications in the applications. The bandwidth reduction of sparse matrices has been dealt both from the theoretical point of view giving a new algorithm for recognizing bandwidth 2 graphs in linear time (in collaboration with A. Caprara and D. Pretolani), and from the application point of view providing a very fast and efficient heuristic. This heuristic resulted to be the most effective of the literature and has been applied with success in the field of electromagnetic simulation (in collaboration with M.S. Fiorenzo Catalano, and L. Tarricone).

Quadratic 0-1 problems
The Quadratic Assignment problem has been the subject of his Ph.D. thesis. In particular many combinatorial lower bounding procedures have been proposed (in collaboration with P. Carraresi). Also the Quadratic Semi Assignment has been studied identifying some particular cases solvable in polynomial time (in collaboration with D. Pretolani). Moreover for the more general unconstrained 0-1 quadratic problems some approximation schemes for testing necessary and sufficient optimality conditions have been proposed (in collaboration with P. Carraresi, F. Farinaccio, M. Pappalardo).

Problems of optimization on graphs
An efficient algorithm for determining a maximum non crossing matching on a bipartite graph with given layout has been proposed (in collaboration with D. Pretolani). Moreover the problem of coloring a bipartite graph with non crossing matching has been studied (in collaboration with S. Nicoloso). These problems are related with VLSI design, transportation problems and graph drawing.
The problem of partitioning grid graphs has been analyzed and several heuristic algorithms have been compared (in collaboration with S. Nicoloso and B. Simeone).
The class of Shiftable Interval Graphs has been defined as an extension of the class of Interval Graphs. For this class complexity issues have been studied and some algorithms have been designed (in collaboration with S. Nicoloso).

A class of randomized heuristic algorithms
This class of algorithms puts together the ideas of evolutionary algorithms and those of GRASP. These algorithms have been applied to the case of Set Covering (in collaboration with M.S. Fiorenzo Catalano) and successively extended to a case of transportation problems (in collaboration with M. Nonato).
Chemical structures enumeration
Algorithms for efficiently enumerating come acyclic graphical structures have been proposed (in collaboration with R. Aringhieri and P. Hansen).

Applications in the field of public transportation
Equilibrium and passenger assignment models have been proposed in the context of public transportation with capacity (in collaboration with S. Nguyen and S. Pallottino). These models have been applied also in the timetable design in order to improve the service quality in the case of urban and suburban public transportation (in collaboration with P. Carraresi and S. Pallottino).
New flexible transportation models have been proposed and mathematical programming and optimization algorithm have been proposed to efficiently manage the service (in collaboration with T. G. Crainic, M. Nonato, S. Pallottino and F. Guertin).

Freight transportation and optimal resource management problems
Hub location and dimensioning problems have been studied in the case of an international road transportation company (in collaboration with R. Wolfler-Calvo). The problem of routing and vehicle scheduling for a Less than Truckload transportation has been studied (in collaboration with R. De Leone, M. Nonato and D. Pretolani). In the case of freight rail transportation a joint routing and periodic scheduling problem has been approached (in collaboration with G. Gallo and A. Marin).
In the context of a public utility company a problem of optimally managing the resource for a district heating system has been studied (in collaboration with R. Aringhieri and G. Gallo).

Telecommunication problems
A problem of network loading and wavelength assignment in a WDM optical network has been studied (in collaboration with L. Brunetta, P. Värbrand and D. Yuan).
Optimal base station location for UMTS mobile networks has been studied (in collaboration with (E. Amaldi and A. Capone).

Other researches
On line scheduling algorithms for an array disk device have been proposed (in collaboration with G. Gallo, M. Marré and J. Wilkes).
Inverse Combinatorial Optimization problems and the definition of a new matroid have been studied (in collaboration with M. Dell'Amico and F. Maffioli).
The properties of the McLaren-Marsaglia pseudo random generator have been studied (n collaboration with D. Pretolani).

From 1998 to 1994 he has been teaching assistant in the courses of Operations Research and Theory of Models. Since 1995 he had the tenure of several Operations Research and Models and Methods for Decisions Support courses.

July - September 1992: Hewlett-Packard Laboratories of Palo Alto collaborating with J. Wilkes in a disk unit project.
December 1993: Centre de Recherche sur les Transports (Université de Montréal), collaborating with Sang Nguyen.
March - April 2000: Linköping University, campus di Norrköping, collaborating with Peter Värbrand e Di Yuan.
Short visits at University of British Columbia (Vancouver - Canada, 1993), Harwell-Boeing Labs (Appelton - UK), Unversity La Laguna (Tenerife - Spain, 1997), University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen - Denmark, 1997).

He has been organizer of two international conferences, the national conference of the Operations Research Society and two workshops. Since 1993 he is referee of the journals "European Journal of Operational Research", "Discrete Applied Mathematics", "Transportation Science", "Ricerca Operativa", "Transportation Research". He has been editor of a special issue of DAM devoted to the "Third ALIO-EURO workshop on Applied Combinatorial Optimization", and of a special issue of "Ricerca Operativa".


Since 1994 he has coordinated local units in several national projects with public financing (CNR or MURST). Moreover he is also titular of a pair of private research contracts.